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Quality Nanny Services Inc.














4 hour minimum on all services


Staffing Needs

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Need a Short Term Nanny (1-3 months)?

Need a Long Term Nanny(3+ months)?

Need a Temp Nanny?

Quality Nanny Services Inc is a Nationwide, Award Winning quality nanny placement service that has helped numerous families find the quality nanny placements they need and want. We place all types of needs from


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Services Offered

Temporary Nanny Services

Sick Nanny Care

Summer Nanny

 Live In Nanny - Live Out Nanny

Newborn Nannies - Vacation Nanny - Overnight Nanny

Full time nanny - Part Time Nanny - Short Term Nanny - Temporary Nanny

Special Needs Nanny - Nanny for Teens - Bilingual nanny

School Vacations - Sick Days - Holidays - Date Nights

Weddings - Conventions - Hotel Nanny - Travel Nanny - LPN-

Supervised Visitations


 If you are in need of childcare, that is our area of expertise. Let one of our consultants answer any questions you may have. Contact our office today for more information. Click here to go to our services page

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