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Personal Family Service Rates for As Needed Care

One child $25 per hour

Two children $30 per hour

Three children $35 per hour

Four Children $40 per hour


Private families will billed an agency booking fee of $50 per service date with 1 week or more notice  

$75 per service date with less than one weeks notice but more than 48 hours notice.

$90 per service date with less than 48 hours notice.

Multiple date packages available at a reduced rate.

$100 daily booking fee if not signed up for residential temp services

Temporary Services Request Form


In Need of Temp Services? We are here to help! Just fill out the form below.


If service is needed in less than 24 hours please call us at  352-556-6191 to book, rates may be different.


Fill out the form below to set up temporary home services
For temporary hotel services click here
Once your form is received you will receive an invoice for service.
* Please note service is not confirmed until your invoice is paid





Full time Nanny, Part time Nanny, Live in Nanny And Live Out Nanny Services are also Available Nationwide.

Non sibling Upcharge $5 per hour

Newborn Upcharge $5 per hour

Multiples Upcharge $5 per hour per multiple

Holiday Upcharge $5 per hour

Special Needs $5 per hour per child

Sick Child uncharge $10 per hour per child

4 children per nanny max

Only 1 non- sibling allowed per nanny up to 4 children

Transportation fee $10 paid directly to caregiver if vehicle not provided and transport needed. Additional charges if more than 20 miles of transport needed will be applied at a rate of .75cents per mile.


**Note- these are our prices for personal residences, for hotel rates and reservations click here or please email us at, you may still fill out the form to the right, just put the "hotel" in the location field.

* Holiday rates include Friday-Monday of the Holiday within 3 days of the Holiday.


*Call for California and New York pricing**


*All pricing and fees are subject to change

Your details were sent successfully! Please look for your invoice to confirm service.


Quality Nanny Services Inc is a Nationwide, Award Winning placement service that has helped numerous families find the placements they need and want. We place all types of needs from


Click here for a list of our locations


 Live In Nanny - Live Out Nanny

Newborn Nannies - Vacation Nanny - Overnight Nanny

Full time nanny - Part Time Nanny - Short Term Nanny - Temporary Nanny

Special Needs Nanny - Nanny for Teens - Bilingual nanny

School Vacations - Sick Days - Holidays - Date Nights

Weddings - Conventions - Hotel Nanny - Travel Nanny - LPN


 If you are in need of childcare, that is our area of expertise. Let one of our consultants answer any questions you may have. Contact our office today for more information. Click here to go to our services page


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