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Welcome to our info page. QNSearch is a new product offerred through Quality Nanny Services Inc. QNSearch is an easy to use "do it youself" placement system using Quality Nanny Services unique placement methods. To see a comparison between "traditional services" and QNSearch please keep reading.

Traditional services

Quality Nanny Services Inc's traditional services offer full service placements. This means that you are assigned a placement manager who works with you throughout the process of finding you a placement from start to finish. You may use this service for full time, part time, and as needed services. 


We recommend allowing 4-6 weeks for your placement, however we do offer expedited services for placement needs in as little as 1-2 weeks.


To learn more about traditional services click here


Quality Nanny Services Inc's QNSearch service allows families to select the caregiver themselves within a database search. All of the tools are there for you to look through candidates, initiate contact, screen caregivers, and set up interviews.


Our online store is also available for additional needs you may have during your search such as contracts, guidelines, and info on how to hire as well as the ability to purchase consulting time with a placement specialist.


To go to QNSearch click here



Corporate Needs

All of our corporate services are provided through our traditional services and are a custom fit.


These services are available for 

  • Conventions

  • Birthday Parties

  • Weddings

  • Churches

  • Back up Care for Employees

  • and many other events


To learn more about our custom services please contact our office.

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