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Family Placement Services


Our nannies are a great addition to any family. We take the time to complete the process for the long term desired results. Take a look below for the different types of services that we offer for families. Also click here for a full list of service definitions.

Full Time Nanny Placement



For families in need of a full time placement we are here to help. A full time placement, for our purposes, would be a placement for 4 or more days per week and/or 25 or more hours per week. 


Aside from traditonal new placements for families, our services can also help you blend a new nanny in and phase an old nanny out, help with transition from a current out-of-home provider into a nanny or help find you a newborn nanny. Our services can help you with developing a contract, checking backgrounds, and setting up house rules for your new placement.


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Part Time Nanny Placement



For families in need of care 24 or less hours per week or 3 or less days per week.

Part time care ranges from before school care, after school care, weekends, regular evenings, or just a few days per week. Maybe you have a child in preschool part time and need a nanny for the rest of the time. Some parents use this option to have a couple of days per week to get to appointments or meetings if they work from home or are self employed. Whatever the reason, we are happy to help you find the placement that you need.


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Temporary or As Needed Nanny Services


Temporary services are if you are in need of once in a while care. There is a 4 hour minimum for any temporary care providers.

Temporary services are offerred in select location and offer services for families staying at hotels, on vacation, for a night out, if their regular provider is ill or on vacation, or if you just need some extra help. These providers, like part time and full time placements, are still paid by the families and are not employees of Quality Nanny Services Inc.


Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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