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Nanny or Governess

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Some people may not know that there is a big difference between a nanny and a governess. A nanny is in charge of taking care of the children, nap time, bath time, mealtime, ect. The nanny has a primary focus of all daily activities for the children. Some educational instruction, such as homework help or teaching letters and numbers to preschoolers may be asked of the nanny but is not the primary focus. A governess by contrast is focused on education. The primary role of a goveness is to teach the child(ren). Think of homeschooling, if you are looking for someone to homeschool your children you would select a governess over a nanny. The governess will not be focused on your laundry or vacuuming, but will have a strong background in education and teaching. However, if your children are already in school you may choose to use the nanny instead for more routine daily activities. Quality Nanny Services Inc. Are the professionals to help you with your childcare needs. visit us today

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